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Decaffeinated Sri Lankan Black Tea (tea bags)

Decaffeinated Sri Lankan Black Tea (tea bags)

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Our decaffeinated Sri Lankan black tea is light and refreshing with a hint of maltiness. It’s grown, harvested, and produced in the same way as other black teas. The caffeine is removed using the carbon dioxide decaffeination process, which allows the tea to retain its fullest flavour.

Each pyramid tea bag is filled with rolled brown tea leaves that produce a gorgeous liquor that is almost golden in colour. The taste is mellow and less astringent than other black teas, which means it can be enjoyed by itself or with a dash of milk or a milk alternative.

Although this decaf black tea is not super strong, it’s extremely refreshing and a joy to behold. And because it’s decaffeinated, it can be enjoyed all day and into the evening.

We recommend brewing this little beauty using freshly drawn water at 100°C for 3 minutes, or a little longer if you’re after more strength and a bit more bite.

Our standard pack (recyclable plastic pouches) contains 15 fully biodegradable pyramid tea bags. We also offer them in larger pack sizes helping you save money:

  • 15 pyramid tea bags: £6.00 (40p per serving)
  • 50 pyramid tea bags: £18.00 (36p per serving)
  • 100 pyramid tea bags: £32.00 (32p per serving)

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Tea bags not your thing? Try our loose leaf Sri Lankan decaffeinated tea instead.


Decaffeinated Sri Lankan Black Tea

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