About Us

A message from Jon, Founder, TEA23

A black and white photo of Jon Copping the Founder of TEA23

I’ve always loved a cuppa and got the idea for TEA23 while working in tea sustainability. At that time, I kept seeing all these cool craft beer and coffee companies popping up everywhere, but I didn’t see anything similar happening in tea... So I decided to do something about it!

TEA23 is an independent tea company on a mission to get people drinking great quality craft teas that taste out of this world. We got the name TEA23 from the number of attempts it took to get our English Breakfast tea absolutely spot on. Our flagship tea is a beautiful blend of Sri Lankan, Assam, and Rwandan tea.

We appreciate the world of tea is vast and can at times be a little bit overwhelming. That’s where TEA23 comes in. We’re not trying to bring you ever flavour under the sun; instead, we're focused on delivering a carefully curated range of premium teas and craft infusions that taste superb.

While our teas look great and smell nice, the most important thing to us is how they taste. It's as simple as that. No gimmicks.

TEA23 is built on 3 principles:
    1. Deliver a range of great tasting teas;
    2. Create a brand that engages with men; and
    3. Try and do some good in the process.

Behind the Mask

The 'doing some good' part is all about how we can help improve men’s mental fitness. When we launched, our packaging featured a wooden mask (see photo). The mask symbolised our own mental health, and how we can sometimes hide our true thoughts, feelings, emotions, and vulnerabilities.

A box of TEA23 English Breakfast Tea tea bags sits on a wooden post with a view of the sea. Photo taken near Beachy Head, Eastbourne, East SussexAlthough people are taking mental health issues and challenges much more seriously we think attitudes to masculinity still need to change. Especially when you look at UK suicide statistics and the fact that men up and down the country would rather suffer in silence than open up about what’s troubling them.

Thankfully, there's a lot of inspiring organisations already doing great work around these issues. But more needs to be done. 

Improving Men’s Mental Fitness

We believe that the humble cuppa can be both a symbol and a tool that creates the changes that are desperately needed. That’s why we’re sponsoring and working with Talk Club, a brilliant grassroots organisation that’s inspiring men to improve their mental fitness.

How are you? Out of 10?

Talk Club are on a mission to change the way men look after their mental health and it all starts with a simple question: How are you out of 10?

They're achieving their goals by creating a network of talking and listening clubs across the country for men. These groups provide a support network and physical spaces where men can talk, share, and listen to each other. They're a bit like a gym, but instead of physical exercise it's all about improving mental fitness.

These groups help remind men that they are not alone; that other men have the same feelings as they do; and through the process of sharing and listening, all group members benefit from being part of a community and are able to grow stronger mentally. Visit Talk Club for more information and to find a club near you.