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Yunnan Green Tea Bags

Yunnan Green Tea Bags

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Our Chinese Yunnan green tea is robust, full bodied, and tastes superb. Each pyramid tea bag is packed with dark green tea leaves. After brewing, you’re left with a deep yellow liquor that has herbaceous and grassy tones in equal abundance. You’ll be charmed by its taste and depth of flavour that will leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed.

As with other green teas it’s ladled with antioxidants and is a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. If you're unsure about green teas, then this is a great introduction. Brewed correctly and you’re onto a winner. Our customers love the robust yet mellow tasting nature of this tea. We highly recommend it to green tea aficionados and newcomers alike.

However, a note of caution. Be careful to look after this one when brewing. As with other green teas it’s sensitive to boiling water. It needs to be brewed at 80°C for about 3 minutes using freshly drawn water. For those without a swanky temperature-controlled kettle (or a food thermometer), we recommend boiling the kettle as normal, carefully opening the lid, and waiting a few minutes before pouring.

For a slightly different twist, why not try adding a slice of lemon once brewed. Follow the brewing instructions and we reckon you’ll be delighted to a beautiful brew that’s easy going and full of natural antioxidants. We absolutely love it and reckon you will too.

Our standard pack (recyclable plastic pouches) contains 15 fully biodegradable pyramid tea bags. We also offer them in larger pack sizes helping you save money:

  • 15 pyramid tea bags: £5.50 (37p per serving)
  • 50 pyramid tea bags: £15.00 (30p per serving)
  • 100 pyramid tea bags: £26.00 (26p per serving)

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Tea bags not your thing? Discover our loose leaf Yunnan green tea instead. 


Chinese Yunnan Green Tea

Brewing Instructions

Use fresh water at 100°C
Brew for 2-3 mins

Other Information

Made in a factory that contains nuts
Store in a cool dry place
All contents 100% biodegradable

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