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White Tea Loose

White Tea Loose

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Our Pai Mu Tan Chinese white tea, is mild in taste, light, and incredibly refreshing. Made from a mixture of bud and upper two leaves, it offers slightly more astringency and depth of flavour than other white teas, but in our opinion, that’s no bad thing.

Although not as attractive as other (more expensive) white teas, the flavour offered by Pai Mu Tan more than compensates for its visual short comings. The pale-yellow liquor, which is mild in taste, is totally captivating and will leave you craving more.

Even though this tea looks rugged and robust, you still need to prepare it with care. It’s a sensitive soul and won’t respond well to boiling water being poured over it. We recommend brewing it at around 80°C for about 2 – 3 minutes. If you don’t have a temperature-controlled kettle or a food thermometer, then boil the kettle as normal, carefully flip the lid, and wait a few minutes before pouring. 

Although this white tea won’t win any beauty competitions (it’s not all about looks), we highly recommend giving our Pai Mu Tan a go. We think you’ll be more than pleasantly surprised.


  • 50g (20 cups): £4.50
  • 100g (40 cups): £8.00
  • 200g (80 cups): £15.00
  • 400g (160 cups): £27.00
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Chinese Pai Mu Tan White Tea

Brewing Instructions

Use fresh water at 80°C
Brew for 2-3 mins

Other Information

Made in a factory that contains nuts
Store in a cool dry place
50g & 100g are packed in compostable bags
200g & 400g are packed in recyclable ziplock pouches

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