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Slamming Orange Fruit Tea Loose

Slamming Orange Fruit Tea Loose

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Our Slamming Orange fruit tea really packs a punch. The deep red liquor smells gorgeous, is full of flavour, and tastes divine. As the name suggests, it’s big and bold, with sharp and tangy notes, which is probably why it’s proving so popular with our customers.

Without sounding pretentious, our Slamming Orange fruit tea is our most versatile blend; it’s great hot, cold, served over ice, and delicious with or without honey. It’s also a great base for home-made ice lollies and granita. If you’re going down the frozen route, we recommend adding a little sugar or honey to the mix for an even more sumptuous treat.

Whichever way you choose to serve it, it needs to be brewed hot. We recommend brewing it at 100°C for at least 3 minutes, although the longer you leave it the better it gets.

We think it tastes beautiful by itself without anything added. However, for those with a sweet tooth, you might want to add a dash of honey to balance its sharp notes. If you’re making a batch to serve cold, we recommend adding 4 – 5 teaspoons (or a generous tablespoon) per litre. For best results, allow the boiling water to cool before straining. Then pop it in the fridge and/or serve over ice.

It’s also an amazing base for fruity cocktails and works especially well with white spirits such as tequila (hence its name) or vodka. Alternatively, why not try it hot with honey and a combination of cloves, star anise, cinnamon, and a glug of whisky for a unique and tasty hot toddy. And finally (we said it was versatile), it’s a great alternative to red wine when served at room temperature and pairs perfectly with a fine steak or other red meats.

Whichever way you drink it, we reckon you’re going to love it. And what’s more, it’s also naturally caffeine free!


  • 50g (20 cups): £4.50
  • 100g (40 cups): £8.00
  • 200g (80 cups): £15.00
  • 400g (160 cups): £27.00

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        Apple Pieces
        Lime Leaves
        Freeze-dried Cranberry
        Orange Peel (3.5%)
        Natural Flavouring

        Brewing Instructions

        Use fresh water at 100°C
        Brew for at least 3 mins

        Other Information

        Made in a factory that contains nuts
        Store in a cool dry place
        50g & 100g are packed in compostable bags
        200g & 400g are packed in recyclable ziplock pouches

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