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Assam Black Tea (Loose)

Assam Black Tea (Loose)

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If you want a strong black tea that’s bold and full of flavour, then our Assam black tea won’t let you down. It’s strong and malty and not for the faint hearted. With each sip the astringency of this tea will be felt on the back of the throat and its inherent strength will most definitely wake you up.

This big hitting tea more than packs and punch. Unlike our English Breakfast tea signature blend that has been finessed and fine-tuned, our Pure Assam black tea is all about strength. We prefer it with a dash of milk or a milk alternative. It goes particularly well with oat milks such as Oatly, which add more maltiness, depth, and lasting flavour to this already wholesome brew.

We recommend brewing this tea for around 3 minutes using freshly drawn water at 100°C. If you want more strength and astringency, then allow it to brew a little longer. If you’re after a strong cuppa or a builder's, then this Assam black tea will serve you well!


  • 50g (20 cups): £3.50
  • 100g (40 cups): £6.00
  • 200g (80 cups): £11.00
  • 400g (160 cups): £19.00


    Assam CTC Bold Broken

    Brewing Instructions

    Use fresh water at 100°C
    Brew for at least 3 mins
    Add something milky if you want

    Other Information

    Made in a factory that contains nuts
    Store in a cool, dark, and dry place
    50g & 100g are packed in compostable bags
    200g & 400g are packed in recyclable ziplock pouches

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