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Earl Grey Tea (tea bags)

Earl Grey Tea (tea bags)

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Our blend of Earl Grey provides a refreshing twist on a classic. Each pyramid tea bag is filled with Sri Lankan black tea infused with natural bergamot oil (see full ingredient list below). The addition of lime leaves provides a subtle citrus kick making it perfect on hot summer afternoons and a superb blend all year round. It’s light, subtle, and 100% refreshing, and we absolutely love it!

Although our Earl Grey is beautiful by itself, we also recommend trying it with a slice of lemon and/or a tiny dash of honey for a super delicious treat and another way to enjoy our bergamot infused black tea.

We reckon the best way to enjoy our Earl Grey tea, is sitting under a tree on a hot sunny day with absolutely nothing to do. Sounds great right?

Our standard pack (recyclable plastic pouches) contains 15 fully biodegradable pyramid tea bags. We also offer them in larger pack sizes helping you save money:

  • 15 pyramid tea bags: £5.50 (37p per serving)
  • 50 pyramid tea bags: £15.00 (30p per serving)
  • 100 pyramid tea bags: £26.00 (26p per serving)

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Tea bags not your thing? Try our loose leaf earl grey tea instead. 


Sri Lankan Black Tea (90%)
Lime Leaves
Natural Bergamot

Brewing Instructions

Use fresh water at 100°C
Brew for 3 mins
Add something milky if you want

Other Information

Made in a factory that contains nuts
Store in a cool dry place
All contents 100% biodegradable

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