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Jade Oolong Tea Loose

Jade Oolong Tea Loose

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Our Jade Oolong tea has been carefully selected for its light, refreshing, and subtle notes. It gets its name from the dark green hue of the lightly oxidised leaf.

Once brewed, the magnificent pale-yellow liquor has a sweet and floral aroma. It has a delicate taste that offers a variety of notes - think sweet pea, lily, and springtime. It's a beautifully subtle tea that will leave you wanting more.

If you've never tried Oolong tea before this one won't disappoint. It’s mellow tasting and very welcoming to Oolong fans and newcomers alike. We recommend steeping it multiple times so all of its subtle flavours can be savoured and enjoyed. 

It should be brewed at 80°C for 3 minutes using freshly drawn water. If you don’t have a temperature-controlled kettle or a food thermometer, we advise boiling the kettle as normal, opening the lid, and waiting a few minutes before preparing the tea. 

We absolutely love this tea and hope you do too!


  • 50g (20 cups): £5.50
  • 100g (40 cups): £10.00
  • 200g (80 cups): £19.00
  • 400g (160 cups): £35.00

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      Chinese Jade Oolong Tea

      Brewing Instructions

      Use fresh water at 80°C
      Brew for 2-3 mins

      Other Information

      Made in a factory that contains nuts
      Store in a cool, dark, and dry place
      50g & 100g are packed in compostable bags
      200g & 400g are packed in recyclable ziplock pouches

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